Jan. 24th, 2007

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Himself used to say the above a lot...and it applies so much to the current big story around here about the
Unruly child on airplane. When a child this age and size is in a car you don't let them climb all over the place, they don't crawl under the seat, etc. You put them in their seat, you buckle them in and you go! You don't hold your child on your lap in your car! Why don't parents understand that it's the same way on a plane? Control your child!

I think the airlines did the right thing by removing the family from the flight it was obvious that they had no control over their child's behavior and this is a safety concern as well as FAA regulations.

Reminds me why I have dogs instead of Kids...My boys get in their car seats and behave, no back talk, no tantrums...
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uuughh can today go by any slower? I'm not sure why I'm so totaly exhausted today but I am. I ache all over and I've been sneezing a lot. I just want to go home and lay down and get warm! Was going to do laundry tonight but I think I'm just gonna rest.

Only 1 more day of work till Birka! I realized last night they have a pool and whirlpool so I'm going to take advantage of them this year :) Maybe that will help my aches and pains.


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