Jan. 31st, 2007


Jan. 31st, 2007 10:20 am
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This has been a horrific month pain wise!

This weekend my knees and back were a problem because of the walking, standing and horrible concrete floors...so I used my cane, Mistake! yes it helped to have something to eleviate the pain in the other places but now I'm paying for it with shoulder and arm pain...and loss of feeling in my hands...I just feel like I can't win :(

I'm taking double doses of my arthritis medication which is causing tummy problems :( I can't get comfortable...and I got to thinking I can't remember being 'pain free'! I think it has been more then 20 years since I was pain free!!! ;(

The constant state of being in pain seems to the norm, so I have to ask...what's it like to not bein pain?
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Are you better off single?
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Brigit has been admitted to St. Vincents in Worcester, she will be there for a while. Visitors would be welcome. I don't have her room number but if you call or go you need to ask for Jessica Howe's room.

I'm going over during my lunch hour tomorrow to break up the day.

Wish I could get to her LJ to let folks who follow her writing know she hasn't fallen from the face of the earth and keep them updated!

I'm just relieved that she's finally getting the treatment she really needs!


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