Feb. 2nd, 2007

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Anyone interested in going to see "Because I said so" this weekend? I'm thinking of going Saturday. I have ticket coupons for Regal if anyone's interested in joining me (hint hint) give me a call ;)
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1. When and how did you meet liamstliam?

Met Liam on IRC chat in the SCA chat room in 1995, physically met him at Glenn Lynn 4th of July 1996!

2. If someone you did not know were to strike up an argument with you for no apparent reason, how would you respond?

hmmm...well I have people I do know do this to me all the time, they're called siblings, so I guess I'd react the same way...Hand out and say "Not interested" and walk away. It's about the only way I can deal with my siblings LOL! And I believe you probably know at least one of them ;) (I'm talking about those biologically related to me not my chosen ones)

3. How did you become involved in the SCA?

My best friend in Jr. High and High school, his parents were founders of the Shire of the Northern Outpost and I went with them to an event and another and another...etc... ;)

4. What inspired you to become a protegee?

I'm a 'dabbler' so I never really saw myself aspiring to being able to contribute to the SCA A&S wise but I was raised with Service all around me. I'm part of a Co-ed service Fraternity (along with 4 of my cousins) and in that organization there is a similar system, you have a 'big' who sponsors and mentors you through pledging and beyond (My big is actually my emergency contact at work, and 2 other 'brothers' are my designated representatives for my living will), and so on up the chain. I've done service in the SCA but I wanted to have someone who was on the same page with me concerning service both mundanely and within the SCA so getting a mentor seemed the best way and Liam was the BEST fit ;)

5. Name one or two movies you can watch over and over again, and recite the words to by heart. :)

Real Genius
Same Time Next Year
(And just about any John Wayne or Elvis Presley Movie...I was brought up on them) (Also any Star Trek Movie...2nd Generation Trek, meaning parents were Trekkies and I was inducted as a religion) LOL


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