Apr. 2nd, 2007

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Quintavia's Bardic Bar-Room Brawl will take place April 21st

Fencers come help us fight of the bandits who come to invade this tavern!

Bards, Musicians, and dancers there will be plenty of room for play in a downstairs area equipped with it's very own stage to practice for the evening's festivities on the big stage!

Bring your games, cards, board and the like and teach us how to play, there will be plenty of room with tables to play in the main hall where you can also watch the fencers. (gambling is encouraged!)

Weather permitting there will be thrown weapons and possibly bocce!

And don't forget for your participation in the days activities you earn gold coins good for use in the Serf auction where you can buy your very own server for the evenings feast!

And what a feast it will be! Cooked by our very own Mistress Eleanor LeBrun and Lady Allura McKeoch, Please contact Eleanorlebrun@charter.net with any menu questions you may have.

If you are planning to attend the feast you should email Eleanorlebrun@charter.net to have a space reserved for you!

This shameless plug brought to you by the autocrat...


Apr. 2nd, 2007 03:45 pm
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If I haven't sent you and you want my new address email me privately. Plan to be moved by April 27...yes 6 days after I autocrat an event I am planning to be moved! Yes I'm INSANE!
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I found a bedframe I like on craigslist I just have to move it to my new place either Friday night or Saturday! Would anyone be able to give me a hand? It shouldn't take long. I'm just leaving it at the new apartment not putting it together or anything.


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