Apr. 22nd, 2007

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While I cleaned I thought the boys could go outside and play on their leashes.

At some point Tiny got off his leash and went running off! PANIC Attack insued! I went running around down the road looking for him. My neighbors were outside cleaning up their yard and had seen him in the landlady's yard so their son went running through the back looking for Tiny while I kept yelling and looked in the other yard to see if he'd come around the back. No luck...so the boy went across the street to Nan's to see if he went to visit the other animals and I went to the house with the Poodles to see if he went there...no luck! :( So I went toward 117 and the boy went the up the road the other way yelling and looking for Tiny. Another neighbor out cleaning his yard came out, he hadn't seen Tiny but went looking in his field for him....no luck.

Suddenly a car coming from the harvard direction said they had seen a small dog. The boy went running up and found him running down the street. A town truck was coming and blocked off the road and the boy chased Tiny down the road straight to me! I kept yelling for him and he ran right to me, I hooked him up on his leash and brought them inside! GRRR... Thankful for nice neighbors who helped me find him. I kept thinking the very worst :( I'm going to be very glad to move to the new place and have a fenced in yard, but I do think for the first few months we will use the leash AND the fence just to be safe!


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