May. 2nd, 2007

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Food Lingo Continues... The Y Words

It's a good idea to be wary of any words ending in y, in particular such words as buttery-y, lemon-y, and chocolate-y. Any time marketers add a y to the name of a food, you can be sure they're yanking your schwartz. Real Chocolatey goodness. Translation? No fuckin' chocolate!
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Quintavia is doing a fairly large Demo but we are having trouble filling some slots and I'm hoping to find some outside help from friends in Carolingia.

We need marshalls - fencing, heavy list, and youth combat.
We need combatants
Drummers (We have Belly Dancers but no one to drum)

Details below:

Come to the demo

The Shire of Quintavia has been asked to participate in a demo in the town common of West Boylston on Saturday, June 9th. The demo is called Scouts on the Common. This is an all day demo so gentles may come and go at their leisure if we have enough volunteers to do so. You may come all day, half a day, or one hour if that is your desire. We need fighters, fencers, artisans, fair ladies and a couple of sun shelters and/or pavilions. Tis but a dream but dancers, jesters, those who are hams and can speak forsoothly to the crowd gathered there are more than welcomed. Do you know some Scadian in distant lands who can join us? They are welcomed as well. We will need folks to set up and help dismantle our area. We also need a sound system or live musicians. I expect that with the popularity of The Tudors television program, we will get a little more than the usual amount of interest in us. Please email me at your earliest convenience so that I can start a list of who will be there and what they will do when they arrive.

Who else will be there?
The event will be open to the general public. So far in addition to the Society, they will have a frontiersman camp, the Worcester Kiltie Pipe Band, a Revolutionary Fife & Drum Corps, the NEADS Canines for Vets, MassWildlife and Dept. of Conservation & Recreation, the National Wild Turkey Federation as various display stations; Possibly a Civil War reenactor unit with a small camp, Pirate reenactors, and Native American presentation. New Citizen Naturalization Ceremony with Congressman McGovern's office as highlight of the day to have the scouts host and welcome first-hand America's newest citizens. There will be a "fill the tent" canned food drive for the West Boylston Food Pantry, and a US Troop Care Package collection drive as well. They are also trying to set up a charity road race around 9:00 am to start the day before the "official" event starts. And of course there will be ongoing games and activities for kids.

For more info contact your Chatelaine, Toi Poisson de Mortagne at


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