Aug. 1st, 2007

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(This is an oldy that I saw him perform at one of the first shows I ever saw, consequently my mom could never get me to drink the blue kool-aid)  :-)

I often wonder why there's no blue food.  Every other color is well represented int he food kingdom: corn is yellow, spinach is green, raspberries are red, carrots are orange, grapes are purple and mushrooms are brown.  So where's the blue food?

And don't bother me with blueberries; they're purple.  The same is true for blue corn and blue potatoes.  They're purple.  Blue cheese?  Nice try. It's actually white cheese with blue mold.  Occasionally, you might run across some blue Jell-O in a caveteria.  Don't eat it.  It wasn't suppose to be blue.  Something went wrong.
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From the Boston Globe

 Before he was Lizard King, he was a Cub Scout
To mark the 100-year celebration of the Boy Scout movement, here are some famous members of the Boy Scouts of America. Above, Jim Morrison. (Eagle Vision)   Were you a Scout?

A few of these have gone on to become Brothers of Alpha Phi Omega Co-Ed Fraternity...founded as an extension of the Eagle Scouts!

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Got up this morning and let the boys out in their nice fenced in yard while I got ready for work.  When I went to go let them in Turbo, our landlord's dog, was in the back hallway, E must have left the door open upstairs.  I figured he just wanted to go out so I open the door and the boys come in but Turbo doesn't go he follows them into the apartment.  Tubo has been in the apartment many times but only once when they were there too and that was the night I was recovering from surgery and Sam says Tiny chased Turbo out.  Well this time was no different, Turbo was standing near the food dish and Tiny got defensive and growled backing him to the door so he finally went out and I let him out into the yard.  

Here is a picture of Turbo and Rocky outside together


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