Sep. 20th, 2007

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I caught a cold this weekend so in an attempt not to infect my entire office I'm working from home today. I had to go in yesterday as their was a seminar and a meeting I was running that had been planned for weeks so I shut the door to my office and tried to stay away from people even in the meetings. Hopefully I didn't spread this plague.

Head conjestion, runny nose (which is freaky for someone with Sjogrens and means it is pretty bad) and sore throat that I think might be strep :( Gonna see if Kitty can call me in a script for antibiotics just in case...Otherwise I'm working from home today with two very clingy puppies.
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Take a history lesson with Dave BarryThis is hysterically funny, I'm gonna get this book :) History of the Millenium so far...

Cuba’s Penniless Heiress America needs to get over itself and give up the ghost of a more then 40 year old quarrel with Cuba! For crying out loud what is the point of freezing the assets of a 107 year old woman so she's penniless? Just because she chooses to stay in a country that has treated her well! Gee and how much interest is that bank that's holding the funds or the federal government keeping on her??


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