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Go to Rocky & Tiny's Dogster page to see video of the dogs at our Labor Day Cook Out here at the house :) Rocky, Tiny, Turbo & Chi Chi
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Got up this morning and let the boys out in their nice fenced in yard while I got ready for work.  When I went to go let them in Turbo, our landlord's dog, was in the back hallway, E must have left the door open upstairs.  I figured he just wanted to go out so I open the door and the boys come in but Turbo doesn't go he follows them into the apartment.  Tubo has been in the apartment many times but only once when they were there too and that was the night I was recovering from surgery and Sam says Tiny chased Turbo out.  Well this time was no different, Turbo was standing near the food dish and Tiny got defensive and growled backing him to the door so he finally went out and I let him out into the yard.  

Here is a picture of Turbo and Rocky outside together

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Should I be concerned that Rocky and Tiny now have 10 more pup pals on their Dogster then I do on LJ and Myspace combined?
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I don't know why but Tiny and Rocky are all frisky and very clingy this morning. Tiny is on the back of the couch leaning up on me tapping on my back and shoulders with his little paws...Chihuahua Backrubs :) actually they aren't too bad except he has the attention span of a Nat and walks away to do something else... LOL
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I stumbled upon an article on Wired today that I couldn't resist checking out. And yes I want some of these techy toys...

and now Rocky & Tiny have their own Dog myspace page


To go along with their other to sites!
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While I cleaned I thought the boys could go outside and play on their leashes.

At some point Tiny got off his leash and went running off! PANIC Attack insued! I went running around down the road looking for him. My neighbors were outside cleaning up their yard and had seen him in the landlady's yard so their son went running through the back looking for Tiny while I kept yelling and looked in the other yard to see if he'd come around the back. No the boy went across the street to Nan's to see if he went to visit the other animals and I went to the house with the Poodles to see if he went luck! :( So I went toward 117 and the boy went the up the road the other way yelling and looking for Tiny. Another neighbor out cleaning his yard came out, he hadn't seen Tiny but went looking in his field for luck.

Suddenly a car coming from the harvard direction said they had seen a small dog. The boy went running up and found him running down the street. A town truck was coming and blocked off the road and the boy chased Tiny down the road straight to me! I kept yelling for him and he ran right to me, I hooked him up on his leash and brought them inside! GRRR... Thankful for nice neighbors who helped me find him. I kept thinking the very worst :( I'm going to be very glad to move to the new place and have a fenced in yard, but I do think for the first few months we will use the leash AND the fence just to be safe!

poor Rocky

Apr. 5th, 2007 07:56 am
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I think Rocky's has developed some arthritis in the front leg he's having problems with, yesterday he was being careful, last night he slept in his crate. This morning he was having trouble getting out of the crate, so I picked him up and brought him downstairs. He is having trouble with that leg again :( I've given him his asprin per the Vet's instructions and he's laying next to me on the couch. It just makes me very sad to see him in pain ;(
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Today is a work day not just for me but for the boys too. Rocky needs to recertify his Service Animal status (even though he's semi-retired) and Tiny needs to recertify his therapy animal status. 2 very different things but I can take them through parts of the process today at work.

Rocky has to go through a day actually doing his 'job' for me during the entire day even at work. He's doing quite well and acting like a pro even without his jacket (which I couldn't find this morning :( )

Tiny has to do socialization and public area work and he's doing 'ok' so far...he was a bit freaked out by the printer which sits next to my cubicle so I have moved into an empty office (soon to be my boss') for the day. It's really quite nice having an actual office where I can shut the door, have quiet and privacy. Maybe I can get the other empty office, either my boss' or the one that is now empty because they laid off the occupant.


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