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Yesterday Calgrey's Heir helped me move the washer and bag up trash and things. I can't do anymore cleaning because there is no water. I can't stand the smell of the place from the water damaged carpets and rodents so I'm DONE!

Now comes the great unpacking!
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Movers came Thursday and moved the bulk of the house. Cassandra came and helped me put my bed together *YEAH* 3 1/2 hours of work! But now I have a spiffy new bed and it is way comfortable! Ikea sucks, we had to drill holes ourselves etc. :( As a result I am sick of putting furniture together but was stupid and tried to put my dining set together...big mistake! I got frustrated and have set it aside for now.

Cassandra's 'Heir' helped me move stuff today. He was a HUGE help! I never would have gotten so much done without him. He's a really good kid!

Overall I'm LOVING my new apartment. No more stairs, HUGE space! I'm totally Loving my laundry room, I've done like 6 loads of laundry!

Rocky & Tiny are loving the yard! They were so cute Thursday night outside playing with ChiChi when Judy brought them back. They were chasing each other around the yard barking and playing. It is so nice to be able to just let them go outside and run and do their business.

Now comes the great unpacking! :( I'm in utter agony...codeine isn't even touching the pain :(
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I've taken 3 days off for the move. (I am so anxious I haven't been able to sleep, I can't stop thinking!)

Tonight I am cleaning out the back shed, packing up the last bits, taking out the cabinets I want the garbage guys to take Monday, and packing the van with as much stuff as I can take over of stuff I don't want the movers to take in the UHaul truck. So I can unload it tomorrow while I'm waiting for my bed to be delivered!

Tomorrow I will be at the new apartment from 8 am - 1 pm at latest waiting for Ikea to drop off my new bed. You know they won't come till noon or so! Just to waste half my day. The boys will come with me so they can play in the yard a bit and get more comfortable with the apartment, I'm taking their crates over with me as well.

Thursday Get up, let the air out of the mattress and get ready to take the boys to Judy's for the day. Then to UHaul to pick up the Truck and meet the movers at the house at 10:30 to begin operation MOVE My Crap!!! Take the Truck back for 4 pm...Hopefully we will be done since I'm only suppose to have these guys for 3 hours! Hopefully the Dish guy comes while I'm around cause they are coming between 12 - 4 pm!
Judy will bring the boys home for me and we'll have either take out chinese or go grab something in town.

Friday my plan is to go back to the apartment and pack up the food and clean, vacuum the rugs and things. Try to get as much out of the house of what is 'left' as possible.

Saturday I want to move things from the storage shed to my storage locker in Clinton so that Cassandra can have the storage locker. My hope is to be completely out of the house by Sunday!

We'll see how this plan goes...I have until May 15th to be out completely!
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Compaq Armada M700 P3700/14 450 To 1 Ghz
850 MHz CPU Intel Pentium-3 850 MHz HARD DRIVE 20 GB (new hard drive) MEMORY 256 MB CD-ROM CD/DVD
$300 O.B.O.

Includes Many Extras, including extra battery and charger, both car and airline plugs and much more! Comes with swappable floppy, DVD Rom.

Haier 11 lb Portable washer

* Soft Touch Electronic Controls with LED Display * 4 Wash Cycles - Heavy, Normal, Gentle and Quick * 3 Water Temperature Settings - Hot/Cold, Warm/Cold and Cold/Cold * Heavy Duty Casters Included * 1.98 Cu. Ft. Tub * Electronic Controls * 2 to 24 Hour Delay Start * Heavy Duty Casters Included * Fabric Softener and Bleach Dispenser * Load Balance System * Removable Lint Filter * Dual Water Inlets (Hot & Cold) * Quick Connect Sink Adapter

If interested please respond!
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I got the keys to the apartment! I'm so psyched. My bed is being delivered, as well as some book shelves from Ikea :)

Looked around at couches today at Bob's Furniture, found a few that I liked, but I will need help getting it from the store to the apartment. :( Hoping I can find some help next week. I'd like to have that done so I don't have to worry about it later.
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I was able to get my minimum packing done last night, 2 boxes. I'm going to try to get more done today and tomorrow.

Seriously looking at movers for when I do finally move. I think it would be so much easier.


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