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a Coyote! yup the coyote that has been roaming around the area finally paid a visit, he tried to get into the den of my very LARGE Groundhog that lives under my landlady's house. I don't believe he got anywhere though. Dogs were going Bananas! My stupid neighbor directly across the street's poodles were outside going bazurk too. I just don't understand why this woman doesn't keep her dogs inside at night, I know she has an invisible fence and they roam free but the coyote is gonna eat them!
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Can you come home and find a Ram standing in your front yard! ;) LOL

Yes indeed I came home last night to find a Ram munching away in my front yard. I tried coaxing him across the street to his home but he got half way across and cars starting coming and I directed some traffic but he ended up going back on my side of the street, but this time to my next door neighbor's yard. It's a much greener lawn so he must of thought it would taste better :)

So I went down the long driveway to my neighbor's farm and met a goat, some chickens and Geese and her big old black lab came and licked my hand. But she wasn't there. As I was going back out to the street one of the kids from next door was running down the driveway he said he was going to get some feed to coax the Ram back down to the farm. So I went back out to direct traffic in case the ram decided he wanted to go home.

The boy came back with the feed just as the owner got back and pulled over. Turns out she put the Ram in the horse paddick last night instead of his usual because she was so tired after bringing all the animals back from the Bolton Fair. So she took him home.

Found out that the Ram is a scottish type and has all 4 sets of his horns because she chose to keep them and not file off the other set. He is very pretty black and white spotted. Also found out it is her cat that comes around my yard teasing the dogs ;) He's a barn cat so he's hunting the mice, I told her he can come by anytime!

Days like this are when I think I'd much rather stay in my little converted barn in Bolton then move anywhere else around here :)


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