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Well I guess Rocky & Tiny are happy to be home with me. Judy says they were very active and played a lot at her house, they don't do that much at the house but maybe it's because she has so much more room to run around then I do.

We spent last night with take out and watched shows I had Tivoed and just generally relaxed. A little pack time on the couch.
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I just found out some close friends had to have their very sweet, wonderful, fantastic, and perfect dog Bob, and for anyone who's been a regular at Coldwood you know Bob, had to be put to sleep a week of so ago :(

So I'm hugging my puppies A LOT!
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Bad night last night...Rocky & Tiny just wouldn't settle down and so in the end I had to put them in their crates. And they really didn't want to be in they kept scratching at the zippers but I locked them and kept telling them to grumpy with no sleep :(

I'm wondering if it is the change in 'routine' the last couple of nights. I have the new tv upstairs and I have been going up and watching TV while I work on sewing projects in the evening. Normally I stay downstairs where it is warmer until it is time for bed.
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1 Full week of being home with Rocky & Tiny has made them quite spoiled. And today they got their Holiday Present...a massage from a certified pet-massage therapist. Laureen Most, AKA Kiara of Quintavia, just got her certification and so she came out and massaged the boys for an hour ;) They LOVED it! and we got to practice our manners.

Now I have to start working on sewing!
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I don't know what was going on last night but Rocky was acting so wierd I ended up putting him in a time out and yelling at him twice to stay in it! He kept asking to go out, he went out 3 times in 20 minute period and I said enough and put him in the time out. Then he kept asking to be picked up on so I put him up on the couch and he would then jump off again and then come right back asking to get up again...had enough of that so I yelled and put him back in time-out! Scared poor Chi Chi so much he stayed in his crate. Didn't mean to put him in time-out too. Then I tried giving them cookies but Rocky didn't want it, he just wanted to either go outside or do the up and down off the couch! I also ended up actually zipping him into his crate until around 1 am when he started to panic attack scratch it so I let him out and he came up on the bed...was ok after that but wanted his half out of the very center of the bed!

He seemed fairly normal this morning, he wanted to come with me when I went to take Chi out to the car as I took him back to Judy's house today as I pick her up at around 4 pm today from the shuttle. We'll see how he acts when I get home. May be time to take him to see the new vet.
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evilnicola has takend my small TV off my hands :) It's been in the storage locker waiting for a good home. So her dad came and picked it up last night :) Even better..having dinner and an actual conversation with someone other then the dogs! Priceless!!! :)

This past week I've had 2 people over to visit and it has made me realize that a. I don't have people over enough...and b. Rocky & Tiny need to learn how to be have when we have company. They are good when we're company at other's but when people come into our space they tend to become spastic and want all the attention. I don't like having to put them upstairs or in their crates whenever someone comes, they didn't act this way when Himself and I were together. I guess they have gotten too used to it just being the 3 of us.

So if you're not afriad of or allergic to the boys and wanna help me teach them to be more hospitable please let me know, I'd love to have more people over to visit and get them out of this behavior.
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I don't know what it was this weekend but one/or maybe both of them did BIG Boo Boo's! I ended up scorning them and doing the "Yell...I'm not happy with you" punishment system both times.

Saturday - I went upstairs to grab something, turned around to go down the stairs and stepped in poopy at the top of the stairs (Rocky)!!! WAS NOT HAPPY!! Screaming fit ensued, doggies went to time out spaces and stayed there till I stopped...about 5 minutes. (NO Cookies)

Sunday - Just as I was about to go to bed at 10:30 I go to find one of them peed on the corner of the pad int he kitchen but actually had put their leg up on my CLEAN LAUNDRY!! (This could have been either of them) Well just 1 bag but still! And so I have a whole load of shirts that have to go back through the laundry tonight!!!! I Yelled and yelled and yelled and they stayed in their time-out spaces for 5 minutes 'AFTER' I stopped yelling and had gone upstairs. When they did come upstairs they went straight to their crates (Tiny tried to sleep with Rocky). and I zipped them in for the night! (NO Cookies or treats of any kind)

By this morning at 6:30 I decided to let them out and we'd have our normal play time on the bed. Before I could get them outside Tiny ran to the one pad and peed, but this time he got it right in the middle so I encouraged him. And then they went out! (got a treat)


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