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My brother Sam recently had a job that he walked off after a short amount of may have been the best thing! The assistant manager and her boyfriend who were driving my brother crazy and the reason he left, the boyfriend who didn't work there was always behind the counter and near the registers which was against the rules. Well turns out that the two of them were commiting credit card fraud! They were writing down credit card #'s and using them to make purchases! They got caught and arrested!
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My baby sister IM'd me late last night asking if she could "kill our brother Sam". So I picked up the phone and called her to find out what was up...not that this is an unusual question coming from my sister.

Turns out he walked out on his new job..he just started Wednesday! My mom forked over $$ to buy him the clothes he needed for the job and then he walks out of it after 4 days!! And all because he had got mad at the assistant manager's boyfriend who was teasing him. Given this is an old childhood friend of his it's rather stupid! So he walked up the street to the Denny's and called our baby sister asking her to come and get him. (This was the bad idea, because Saturday was her day off...and well on her days off she likes to sit around in her jammies and never leave the house...which she hadn't done until he called at 10 pm to ask her to pick him up) So she went, picked him up he told her the story and she went over to where he was working because she wasn't about to tell our mom only Sam's side of things. She spoke to the assistant manager and the boyfriend, a boy she used to beat up when they were kids. Got both sides and our brother is stupid. GRRR...


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