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Why do Auto repair men in Mass think that I'm an easy mark?

I went to 'Patterson's auto body' in Stow which came recommended by a couple of people and had a good internet rating as well. Unfortunately the owner tried to jack the price and have more repairs then I actually need. The insurance adjuster looked at my damage much more closely then this man did and she actually said 'thankfully you didn't bend anything underneath so it's going to be a quicker and less expensive repair'. This Patterson guy barely looked at it, didn't even look underneath and said I needed the entire thing replaced because it was bent. And his estimate was more then double the insurance adjuster's!!!

So I left there mad as hell and went to Clinton to another auto body shop, one man shop, nothing fancy, nice older guy. He came out took a look we went back in and he pulled out the parts books, showed me where mine were listed with how much they would cost and then gave me an estimate on his time and how much he charges per hour. His estimate only $97 over that of the insurance! Not bad.

I have another auto body shop to check out and then I'll decide what to do but right now I'll probably go with the guy in Clinton, I was impressed that he was straight forward with me like that. And being close by I think I can get a ride back and forth.
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I can't believe it, my first ever accident with another car when I'm driving occured this morning! I have a feeling that this is going to be the week from hell already!!!

I was on the on-ramp from 85 onto 9 in Southborough and I stopped for traffic so I could merge and the woman behind me hit me in the bumper!!! I freaked initially because it seemed really hard. Neither of us was hurt, and the car damage was so minimal, my back bumper has a crack in it and her front bumper has a crack in it...Because it was pouring rain, the traffic was horrible and it's a dangerous spot, also there were major accidents on 90 and 290 nearby we decided not to phone the police and stay there. So we exchanged information (I wrote mine on the back of my business card). I just got off the phone with my insurance company and they will send a claim adjuster to my house to do the assessment on Wednesday!

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Tuesday Night's flat got fixed yesterday but the mobile up the street from work. Only $20 so that was a relief. Didn't go to Chiropractor because I wasn't sure if I'd make it or not. So today will be my first day.

I'm so dragging...I don't know why but I feel like I'm in a fog. It may be allergies, or meds as I started 2 a day on one of my meds. Joints are killing me today, I feel like my fingers are rubber.


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