chrystie69: (Dr Who)
chrystie69 ([personal profile] chrystie69) wrote2007-09-26 01:58 pm

For my Writer Friends

One of my Friends posted the following earlier today and I thought it would be interesting to other writers on my friends list!

From 'Song earlier today


"Warren Ellis says: "Print On Demand from Amazon, which means whatever you do POD with them comes with an Amazon Buy-It-Now badge and 1-click on the other end. Which means it's POD+sales tools+distribution, all in one -- basically, a can of publishing for the internet. Its usage is US-only so far, but there are of course always ways around that. Do you realise that within a matter of hours, you could be selling your own book through your LJ at no cost to yourself?"

Hm, I say. Hm."

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