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Hairspray is playing at the Strand in Clinton tonight.  Anyone wanna go with me? Dinner and a show :)
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Halloween Meme
[ profile] caitlindancer tries to pick up Phantom Hitchhikers
[ profile] calygrey eats [ profile] thumper_montoya's spicy, spicy brains.
[ profile] dhanwanti devours the entire neighbourhood's brains
doniagodoniago creates an unholy monstrosity from fencerm2fencerm2, doniagodoniago and caitlindancercaitlindancer
[ profile] evilnicola puts apples in your razorblades
[ profile] fencerm2 gives you a toothbrush
[ profile] freya46 dresses up as [ profile] liamstliam
[ profile] gryphon2k calls [ profile] freya46 to let them know the psycho killer's in the front seat
[ profile] ladytat TPs your Bank Manager's lunchbox
[ profile] liamstliam puts fake eyeballs in your pumpkin
[ profile] rhysab buries [ profile] dhanwanti at the crossroads with a Wings album through their heart
[ profile] thorsbaby puts real eyeballs in your candy
[ profile] thumper_montoya haunts your cutlery
LJ Name
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I'm sixty, and I don't need child-resistant caps on my medicine bottles.  They say, "Well, someone with children might come andvisit you."  Fuck 'em!  They're on their own.  Let 'em take their chances.  Anyone who visits me is accepting a certain level of risk in the first place. 
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Too Sensitive? I know a few people who resemble this.
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If you believe you need to take all the pills the pharmaceutical industry says you do then you are already on drugs...

Commentary that followed )
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You are like Animal

A Crazy, unpredictable, rambling fool who thrives on parties, perversions, caffine and sugar. A welcome guest at any party but not marriage material.
Which sorry excuse of a Muppet are you?
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Went to see Becoming Jane last night with  calygrey.  Very Good Movie.  I needed that, otherwise I would have beendoing all night what I did when I got home.  Sitting here working, so an excelent break :)
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Here's a safety tip from the American Eye Association: Never jab a knitting needle directly into your eye and repeatedly thrust it in and out. You could be inviting vision problems. I fyou should suffer an eye injury, rinse the eye immediately with a caustic solution of Clorox and ammonia, and rub the surface of the eye vigorously for about ten minutes with #3 sandpaper. The American Eye Association reminds you: Don't fuck with your eyes. They're the key to vision.

This is actually from Carlin on Campus HBO special.
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Microsoft gives OEMs five more months to install XP   - Great so Microsoft decides what I as the consumer get for an OS on a computer I'M buying! Vista is going to be thrust upon everyone without choice! Not consumer friendly and completely wrong! So now if I want to get a my new laptop I have to get it within the next 5 months or I'm stuck with Vista!  There should be NO time limit on people getting a particular OS on their purchased machines...if I want it I'm the consumer and I should get it my way for crying out loud!

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One of my Friends posted the following earlier today and I thought it would be interesting to other writers on my friends list!

From 'Song earlier today


"Warren Ellis says: "Print On Demand from Amazon, which means whatever you do POD with them comes with an Amazon Buy-It-Now badge and 1-click on the other end. Which means it's POD+sales tools+distribution, all in one -- basically, a can of publishing for the internet. Its usage is US-only so far, but there are of course always ways around that. Do you realise that within a matter of hours, you could be selling your own book through your LJ at no cost to yourself?"

Hm, I say. Hm."
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Nike unveils shoe just for American Indians

OK this is all fine and good but what about those American Indians who don't live on a Reservation who might like to actually purchase these? I'd definitely like to see how this shoe is better able to fit specifically. And if it is better buy a pair or two, might help with my knee and ankle problems if they are better!
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 From the Boston Globe

Look at him now
Look at him now
At peace with Asperger's syndrome and his troubled youth, Augusten Burroughs's older brother, John Elder Robinson (above at age 2 and present day), tells his own story in a straightforward memoir. (Family Photo; Nancy Palmieri Photo)
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One of my co-workers sent this to me earlier! It's hilarious :)

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