Mar. 17th, 2007

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I give up the fight, I'm officially *SICK* So no 12 goddesses for me :(

Got up at 6 am and went out to shovel out in preparation to find that everything I shoveled yesterday had been covered over once again, so another 6-8 inches since 7:30 last night :( But now it's been raining over top of it and it's way too heavy! I got half way down my sidewalk and couldn't go any further, started hacking up a lung!

So Lungs win 2 to nothing...No Gold Key for the event :( no seeing all the pretty dresses etc. :(

Wishing good thoughts for 12 Goddesses to have a great day despite it all and that everyone drives safe!

Edit: 8:30 am

Lungs 3 me 0

I just tried to shovel a bit more snow, I got probably 2 more yards done and couldn't go any further! The snow is so wet and Heavy I don't know if I'm going to be able to get this cleared myself today.
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Nothing I didn't already know. I have always known that Rocky & Tiny are perpetual 2 year olds. And I know their vocabulary, first keyword for them 'want' and any other word like cookie, outside, go bye bye, etc...And Rocky is above average as a service animal. Tiny is probably about average, he may not have a huge vocabulary but he does well on spacial recognition, he has common sense.
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Plow guy came, he got stuck seems the streets are so horribly done he got stuck not in the snow of my driveway but the street itself. Got it out, he's plowing me out and he's going to shovel out the rest of my sidewalk and my van so I can get out of here if I need to :) So I may not be 'house bound' by the snow, just the coughing and hacking.

Tomorrow the groceries are delivered ;)
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Just heard back about the apt. I saw on Friday in Clinton. It's such a nice place. :) Well pending speaking to my landlady's kids and my boss I've got the apartment!! So I guess it's time to start to pack things up!


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